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Kendra’s Exposed

Wednesday, May 26th, 2010

Kendra’s here with Kendra’s Exposed. The sex tape that sees sexy reality TV babe Kendra Wilkinson jump from softcore to hardcore, is here!!!

Kendra’s Exposed is the private home sex tape that she didn’t want you to see and now it’s released in a midst of the usual controversy associated with these stolen/leaked sex tapes.

Now you can see Kendra performing in the bedroom with her guy. Watch the video and see sexy Kendra, fully nude.

Kendra’s fully naked except for a pair of sexy white boots as she performs a sexy little dance for her man and masturbating, fingering her pussy with her legs spread wide open. Then she really gets down to business, fucking. Kendra is fucking amazing!

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Lia19 Hardcore Sex Tape

So, there were reports of multiple sex tapes, with multiple sex partners from Miss Kendra Wilkinson. Is this just the first of many, are we going to see a lot more of Kendra Exposed?

Lia 19 Hardcore Sex Tape

Wednesday, May 12th, 2010

This is the very first Lia19 hardcore sex video available!!! The horny, naughty blonde solo girl, has finally gone full-on hardcore with a sensational new video release, now available for download!

This is Lia’s first hardcore boy-girl action on release and she features in loads of scenes, taking on loads of cock!

Lia’s hardcore is not just limited to Lia getting fucked with big hard dicks in this hardcore debut video though, oh no, Lia gets her fair share of tasty pussy too!

Lia19 Hardcore Sex Tape

On the sex tape, ‘The Rush’ you can see Lia19 in some juicy, sexy lesbian scenes, eating pussy and getting her pussy eaten!!! There’s boy-girl, boy-girl-girl, girl-girl, all featuring the star of the show Lia, as Lia Sullivan on the video!

Want to see Lia getting her smooth, bald pussy pounded hard by some of the biggest dicks in the business?

Want to see Lia sucking down on the huge dick of Billy Glide before she gets fucked hard by him? Take look at her face as she takes on these monsters in all positions! Watch her get cumloads splashed all over her!!!

Here’s some more previews from the Lia hardcore sex tape

Lia19 Lesbian Fingering And Eating Pussy
Lia Hardcore FFM Threesome
Lia19 Fucking A Big Dick
Lia19 Hardcore Fucking

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Your Caitlynn Sex Tape

Sunday, January 31st, 2010

Well it’s here, the Caitlynn sex tape zipset is ready for download at Caitlynn Exposed now!!! Get it now before it gets pulled!

The latest and much talked about Your Caitlynn sex tapes have hit the net and they are fucking amazing. There’s 27 minutes of this hot teen fucking and sucking like there’s no tomorrow – Caitlynn’s not just got one tape, there’s two in this hardcore download.

The preview picture from a few days ago, showing Caitlynn with a mouthful of cum doesn’t really do this hot fucking sex tape any justice.

Watch this sex tape preview clip and see Caitlynn climb onto the bed, pull off her tiny pink panties and go straight down on the big dick. She licks it from the base to the tip and then sticks it in her mouth – a quick cut to the fucking action and we see Caitlynn getting fucked from behind on all fours. I love the moans and groans from her as she’s fucking!!!

Sex Tape Update

Thursday, January 28th, 2010

Just checked out the sex tape site for Caitlynn, Caitlynn Exposed, and they’ve updated it with a great pic of Caitlynn, with a mouthful of cum!!! It’s fucking hot!

Now the thing is, is this mouthful of cum from the first of the new sex video tapes that Caitlynn is about to release or is it from the second one?!?! Is this load from a blowjob or is this Caitlynn’s ‘reward’ after she’s been fucked?

Either way, I think this is going to be a couple of amazing videos from Caitlynn, can’t wait for February 1st!

Keep checking back for more updates and previews!

Caitlynn Exposed With A Mouth Full Of Cum

Caitlynn’s Sex Tape

Monday, January 25th, 2010

Solo girl, teen sensation Your Caitlynn is about to release her very first sex tape!

Caitlynn’s sex tape, Caitlynn Exposed, is a huge zipset available for download. There’s a ton of pictures of Caitlynn fucking in this zipset, but the cream has to be the 2 sex tape videos of Caitlynn, with a total running time of 27 minutes. Now that’s a lot of fucking!!!

Available from Caitlynn Exposed on February 1st, this is going to be Caitlynn’s best zipset yet. We’ve already watched Caitlynn in some pretty hot and steamy sex videos as she masturbates, orgasms and sucks cock but this is going to blow all of those out of the water! She’s never done this on camera before so it’s something very unique and exclusive!

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Your Caitlynn Blowjob

Saturday, November 1st, 2008

Solo teen Caitlynn from Your Caitlynn turns up the heat with her latest hardcore zipset. It’s her very own ‘sex tape‘ and she’s sucking cock in her very first blowjob on camera. It’s a big download, there’s 328 pictures of Caitlynn in hardcore blowjob action and the accompanying video is 17 minutes long.

In this zipset we can see just how much she loves cock as she gobbles it up and jerks it off resulting in a load of hot cum shot all over her pretty teen face.

The zipset is brand new in Your Caitlynn’s zipstore and this is now just one of 5 juicy zipsets available.

Check out this free preview video of the Your Caitlynn blowjob for yourself and see what you think – can she suck cock like a pro? I think so.

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Your Caitlynn Blowjob VideoYour Caitlynn Blowjob

The Amy Fisher Sex Tape Clip

Sunday, December 16th, 2007

The Amy Fisher sex tape is what you get when you cross a crime of passion with a private home sex tape.

Amy Fisher Caught On Tape is a celebrity sex tape like no other, it has it all.

In never before seen footage, Amy Fisher’s tape is hardcore sex from beginning to end. It is non-stop, raw and completely uncensored. Full of hot raunchy sizzling sex, close ups of Amy’s trimmed pussy and her nice round ass. There are blowjobs, plenty of pussy eating and pure raw sex in loads of different positions. It’s full-on fucking and self-masturbation with and without toys as Amy Fisher pleases herself.

This beats all previous celebrity sex tapes for full hardcore action so far.


Amy Fisher Sex Tape Is Released

Thursday, November 15th, 2007

Looks like the latest ‘celebrity’ sex tape was released yesterday as planned. Amy Fisher Sex Tape: Caught On Tape Available Now was posted on

On the main site there are new pictures a preview video and download links to get the 56 minute Amy Fisher Tape.

That’s right the Amy Fisher Sex Tape is now available for download.

Red Light Revenue the porn company known for it’s hardcore and celebrity sex tapes has now made Amy Fisher Caught On Tape available for download and you can GET IT HERE.

Despite Amy Fisher allegedly suing RLD and it’s CEO, the private home sex tape has been released.

It is 56 minutes worth of hardcore sex action between Amy Fisher and her estranged husband Lou Bellera.

In case you haven’t been following the news for the past few years and don’t know who Amy Fisher is, Amy is the former Long Island high school teen that got involved in a sexual affair with married Joey Buttafuoco. When Joey refused to tell his wife about the affair, Amy Fisher shot Joey’s wife, Mary Jo in the head. Mary Jo was seriously injured but survived.

Amy Fisher was charged, convicted and served 7 years in prison.

Now, some 15+ years later, we have an Amy Fisher Sex Tape.

These preview pictures from the sex tape are censored but the ACTUAL TAPE IS UNCENSORED, and the quality is excellent. And there is full access to Club Red Light available too.

Amy Fisher Sex Tape

Amy Fisher Sex Tape Distributor Gets Sued

Thursday, November 8th, 2007

Amy Fisher is apparently suing RLD and it’s CEO, David Joseph, for copyright infringement and damages over the release of the sex tape with her and Lou Bellera as the ‘stars’.

Long Island girl Amy Fisher is suing the porn company that is planning to release a sex tape she features in with her ex-husband.

Celebrity gossip website TMZ posted an article today along with a copy of the lawsuit filed by Amy Fisher.

Basically it looks like the ex-hubby Lou Bellera didn’t have Amy’s permission to sell the sex tape off, it was a private home tape.

We will have to wait and see if the porn tape titled “Amy Fisher’s Caught On Tape” surfaces on November 14th as planned.

Amy Fisher's Sex Tape Sold

Thursday, November 1st, 2007

From a blog entry on, featuring news of the impending Amy Fisher sex tape:

The NY Post today reported on the forthcoming sex tape featuring the former Long Island teen Amy Fisher.

Amy Fisher and husband, Lou Bellera, feature in the sex tape “Amy Fisher’s Caught On Tape” which has made it’s way to a top porn company Red Light District.

Lou Bellera has allegedly sold the sex tape to Red Light after they had filed for divorce, the tape having been made when they were still together.

Red Light District plan to release the tape on November 14th and the tape will be available for all here – “Amy Fisher’s Caught On Tape